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Telescopes pages

1.22 m First 1998 B&C+CCD observations after the spectrograph has been moved from the 1.82m telescope to the 1.22m
1.82 m Characterization of the new 150 ln/mm cross disperser for the Echelle spectrograph, the new filters to cut II order from the cross-disperser, and a 2D flat field illustrating size and distribution of dust grain shadows
1996-99 publications List of publications for the years 1996-1999 based on data collected with Asiago telescopes

Research pages

ADPS The Asiago Database on Photometric Systems
M31-RV 1942-1993 photometric history of M31-RV from Asiago achive plates
V432 Aur B, V photometry of V432 Aur
V838 Mon findig chart and comparison sequence for V838 Mon
binaries eclipsing binaries
12811 The asteroid 12811 Rigonistern


Barnbaum High resolution spectral atlas of Carbon stars, by Cecilia Barnbaum 1994, ApJS 90, 317
cross. corr. Template spectra for A9-K0 V star cross-correlation over Asiago Echelle orders #40-45
GAIA MK-I An atlas of observed GAIA spectra of 130 MK templates (1999 - A&AS 137, 521)
GAIA MK-II Observed GAIA spectra of further 96 cool MK templates (2003 - A&A 406, 995)
GAIA Kurucz-I A library of cool synthetic Kurucz spectra for the GAIA region (2000 - A&AS 141, 141)
GAIA Kurucz-II A library of hot synthetic Kurucz spectra for the GAIA region (2001 - A&A 366, 1003)
Symbiotic stars atlas Absolute spectrophotometric multi-epoch atlas of 130 symbiotic stars (2002 - A&A 383, 188)
Symbiotic stars historical photometry Symbiotic stars in the Asiago plate archive (2001 - A&A 370, 503; 2002 - A&A 386, 237)

Asiago Monographs

Vol 1 An Introduction to Analysis of Single Dispersion Spectra with IRAF


GAIA The Monte Rosa GAIA Conference (ASP Conf. Ser. 298)


Gite A7C Immagini di escursioni 2003 sull'Altopiano
Tel. Asiago Asiago Observatory phone directory