This web page allows access to the digital version of the 

     "High resolution spectral atlas of Carbon stars"
          by Cecilia Barnbaum 1994, ApJS 90, 317

The data and info files have been provided directly by
Cecilia Barnbaum herself. 

Data for 89 stars are made available. Individual directories
contains the spectrum of the given star for the given date
(provided in the coded directory name: for ex. txpsc_1030_90/
contains the individual Echelle orders for TX Psc observed
on Oct 30, 1990).

In INFOs/ directory the following files provide:

         Headers  reports for star directory the
                  star name
	          observing date
                  UT time
                  expt time
                  heliocentric correction (already applied to the data)  ADC readme file, with Echelle order numbers,
                  wavelength ranges and dispersions
 ads_README.list  listing all directories (one for each star
                  and each observing date)
 ads_atomiclines  list of atomic lines identified in U Hydrae
                  (paper Table 7)
     ads_c2lines  C_2 features identified in the atlas
     ads_cnlines  CN features identified in the atlas
        ads_coor  coordinates (and observing dates) of program stars

DAT directory

INFO directory