Papers from the Asiago telescopes

This is a list of papers based (in toto or in part) on data collected with the Asiago Telescopes and published over the period 1996-1999 (inclusive). The papers are divided into three broad categories by horizonal lines: (a) with referee (including invited reviews), (b) IAU circulairs and alike , (c) oral or poster communications to Congresses . Authors are individually listed if less than 4, otherwise they go into the P.I. et al. form. The IAU Inf.Bull.Var.Stars introduced the referee system during 1996, and therefore the papers published there after Jan 1. 1997 should be listed among the refereed ones, even if here they go together with IAU Circ. Readers spotting missing and/or faulty entries are kindly requested to communicate them to Compiled by D.Moro and U.Munari