Asiago Monografie

Asiago Monografie will initially deal with some aspects of the training of under-graduate and graduate astronomy students (the first volumes will be devoted to single dispersion CCD spectroscopy, Echelle CCD spectroscopy, CCD photometry, CCD astrometry). Following volumes are planned to be concise VadeMecum on specific astrophysical topics.

The Series Editor is Ulisse Munari under the auspices of the Padova and Asiago Astronomical Observatories and the Department of Astronomy of the University of Padova (Italy) and the financial sponsorship by FIMIN s.r.l.

Asiago Monografie are printed and distributed free-of-charge to Libraries of Astronomical Institutes worldwide. They are not intended for sale. Those interested can download for personal use the monographies and the associated exercise materialfrom the links below. Asiago Monografie are © Copyrighted.

Monographs so far published: