July 18, 2002:   III and final announcement to registered participants

           Monte Rosa International Conference
       "GAIA spectroscopy, science and technology"
       Sept. 9-12 2002, Gressoney St. Jean (Aosta)


Dear Participant and Colleague,

this is the third and final announcement for the "GAIA Spectroscopy,
Science and Technology" conference. The scientific registration and
hotel booking phases are now concluded. There are 88 registered
participants (+ 25 accompanying persons).


The SOC has formulated the conference program that can be accessed via the 
Conference web page (it is attached to this message for your convenience).
There are:     26 30-min talks
               28 15-min talks
               26 posters
The 54 talks are divided into 7 session, of average duration 3 hour each
(+ coffee break). The Conference will end at 19:00 on Thursday Sept 12.

   ----- WARNINGS

The program is densely packed and to avoid delays please note that:

 * 30 min talks are intended to last 25 min and to allow 5 min for questions
 * 15 min talks are intended to last 12 min and to allow 3 min for questions

These limits are strict and the session chairmen will enforce them.

Note also that use of personal laptops for PowerPoint presentations will 
not be allowed by the hardware: if you intend to present your talk with
PowerPoint, provide it on a CD-ROM or a 1.44MB diskette well before the 
start of the session to LOC personnel. They will deal with them. 

We will not provide facilities for mastering CD-ROMs at the Conference
or printing B&W/Color overheads, so prepare them in advance at home.


Note also that the deadline for submission of the proceedings is Nov 8,
two months after the end of the Conference. You will be warned of the
coming deadline around Oct 15, but you will not be chased for your 
contribution after the deadline has expired. If you want your contribution
to be included in the proceedings, you have to send it properly formatted
before Nov 8, because final assembling of the proceedings will begin 
right the next day. 


On Friday Sept 13 the Congress Center will host the Fourth RVS meeting,
that will last the whole day (contact: david.katz@obspm.fr).

  ----- DESKS

At the Conference Center you will be served by three desks (one next to
the other):
  Registration/Science Desk: where to register, collect your gadgets and
           confer to LOC personnel your PowerPoint presentations on CD-ROM 
           or diskette well before the start of the relevant session
           (to have time to properly store it on the presentation media
           and check its functionality)

  La Residenza del Sole Desk: normal hotel reception desk for those
           lodging at the Conference Center

  La Serenissima Viaggi Desk: coordinating travel agency desk, where to
           ask for Hotel matters, transfer to/from airports, support of
           accompanying persons, other needs.


Social activities during the Conference are under shaping. Check the 
Conference web page for updates, recommendations and further details. 
Basic items are listed in the attached program and summarized below:

     lunch breaks: the lunch break will be long enough to allow refreshing,
                   easy and scenic walks around the Congress Center. For 
                   ex. a 25 min walk on flat grounds allows to pass next to
                   a Castle, to a park and its lake and reach the center of
                   the charming old Gressoney alpine village (XVII-XVIII
                   century) for a coffee before returning in time for the
                   beginning of afternoon session at 15:30.

    swimming pool: the pool at the Congress Center will be open daily
                   in the afternoon (with assistance personnel) till
                   dinner time 20:00 (last entry allowed 30 min before 
                   closing, at 19:30). Bathing-cap&shoes are required.

Sunday 8  morning: trekking to view point "Belvedere" 2209m (40 min from 
                   and 160m higher that arrival station of the chair-lift) 
                   and for those wishing something more, climb to scenic 
                   peak "Cima Regina Margherita" 2388m (further 1 hour walk 
                   from Belvedere and 340m higher than arrival station).
                   Trekking boots are highly recommended (see web page).

  early afternoon: guided visit of Gressoney village and surroundings. 

   late afternoon: welcome cocktail in parallel with registration.

Monday 9  evening: after dinner a slide show will present Monte Rosa
                   and the Alps, Gressoney valley, local folklore,
                   flora and fauna.

Wednesday 11 afternoon: shortly after lunch we will leave by bus Gressoney
                   and move toward Aosta, main town of the region.
                   On the way we will stop to visit Fenis, one of the best
                   preserve medieval castles of Italy (XIII c.). We will 
                   then reach Aosta where a guided tour will be offered 
                   of the main remains of the Roman and medieval ages.       
                   Free time will be available for shopping or relax.
                   From Aosta by bus we will then proceed to a nearby 
                   restaurant for the social dinner themed on alpine 
                   tradition. Return to Gressoney is scheduled for 23/23:30.

Thursday 12 evening: a gala dinner at the end of the Conference will be 
                   offered at the restaurant of the Congress Center.

  ----- MONEY

A few participants had problems in paying with credit card or bank transfer
the registration fee. They will pay at the registration desk. Please note
that only cash payment in Euro currency will be accepted.

Also note that the Congress Center does not provide any currency change
service and Am.Express card is not accepted.

Down village Gressoney there are two banks and automatic cash tellers for
those in need.

  ----- POSTERS

Display area for each poster is 1 m (width) by 1.5 m (height). Numbering 
will be communicated at the registration desk.