May 1st, 2002        II announcement

           Monte Rosa International Conference
       "GAIA spectroscopy, science and technology"
       Sept. 9-12 2002, Gressoney St. Jean (Aosta)


This is the second announcement and remainder for the "GAIA Spectroscopy,
Science and Technology" conference. The first announcement with details can
be viewed at and it is
attached for your convenience.

* The conference program is rapidly shaping-up. A preliminary Conference
  schedule is attached too, or can be viewed at 
  Given the large number of already confirmed attendees it is possible that
  the Conference duration will be extended to a fifth day (Friday 13). The
  proceedings will be published by Astron.Soc.Pacific in its Conf.Series.

* Coming key dates:
   May 15: deadline for registration at reduced fee (200 Euro)
  June 15: deadline for late registration (250 Euro fee)
  July 15: deadline for submission of titles, abstracts and author names
           (+affiliations and e-mail addresses) in final form (for
           preparation of the abstract book)

GAIA ( has been selected as a coming ESA
Cornerstone mission and it is designed to obtain extremely precise
astrometry (in the micro-arcsec regime), multi-band photometry and
medium/high resolution spectroscopy for a large sample of stars.  The goals
call for astrometry and broad band photometry to be collected for all stars
down to V~20 mag over the entire sky (a billion stars), with somewhat
brighter magnitude limits for spectroscopy and intermediate band photometry.
Each target star should be measured around a hundred times during the five
year mission life-time, in a fashion similar to the highly successful
Hipparcos operational mode. To quickly learn more about GAIA see
Perryman et al. 2001 A&A 369, 339.
   contact e-mail:
         web page: