[A map of castles in Valle d'Aosta] The afternoon of Wednesday will be dedicated to a guided tour of Aosta, main town of the region, and its surroundings adorned by many and renowned medieval castles. Aosta still preserves many testimonies of is past, like the roman theatre and massive defensive walls. A social dinner in a typical restaurant will conclude the day before returning by bus to the Congress Center, ready for the last day of the Conference.
[A view of Gressoney and Monte Rosa on the background] The breath-taking beauty of the Alps and the old-fashioned and charming atmosphere of the Gressoney valley will suggest many partecipants to enjoy some outdoor activity during the period of the Conference. Prolonged launch breaks will allow relaxing and sunny walks both in the grassy meadows and woods around the Congress Center, or toward the nearby Castle, or the Village and the lake.
[toward Cima Regina Margherita] For those arriving on Saturday 7 September, a hike will be organized on Sunday to Regina Margherita peak (2356 m) to enjoy a superb 360o view of the facing Monte Rosa and surrounding Alps. A chair-lift will take the partecipants to 2015 m altitude, thus limiting to an easy final 350 m the height to hike (2 hours the way up and 1.5 down, at most). A lunch-baskett will be given to partecipants, which should be back to the hotel by 3:30 p.m, well in time for the welcome cocktail beginning at 5:30 p.m. You may instead decide to stop at "Belvedere" (40 min walk from the arrival of the chair-lift and 150 m higher) from where to enjoy a great view of Monte Rosa and Gressoney's valley and then return to the chair-lift to be back to the Hotel in time for lunch. Bring with you trekking shoes, a summer hat and a small rucksack if you want to take part in the excursions (both to "Belvedere" or Regina Margherita peak). The hike should be easy for anyone normally fit. However be aware that the Conference organizers will assume no responsability in any event connected with this or any other excursions or outdoor activity in which you will take part during the period of the Conference.