The Asiago Database on Photometric Systems (ADPS) project aims to cense and investigate existing photometric systems.
Paper 1 (Moro and Munari 2000, A&AS 147, 361) presents a compilation of basic information and reference data from literature for 201 photometric systems (167 censed in extenso, and 34 only briefly noted). General ascii lists about systems and bands can be found here.
Paper 2 (Fiorucci and Munari 2002, A&A, submitted) adds further 17 systems, bringing the total to 218 censed systems, and provides homogeneous band and reddening parameters for all the systems with known band transmission profiles (179). Spectra and reddening curves used in the synthetic photometry computation can be found here.
Planned Paper 3 will deal with calibration of the systems in terms of basic physical stellar parameters (temperature, gravity, metallicity, reddening), and Paper 4 with transformations between the systems.
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